Hamstech Institute of Fashion & Interior Design

Hamstech is committed to its vision of “Realising Possibilities”. The singular aim of our organization is to provide strategic and quality education that offers students with the best opportunities in the fields of Fashion and Interior Design. In Hamstech, every possibility is transformed into a reality. We believe in training students with the required skills that are strategic, creative and functional to meet the changing demands of the Fashion and Interior Design spheres.

Indian Fashion has undergone metamorphic changes and continues to still do so. Changing times and trends herald changes in Fashion, which are immediate but brief. The continuously evolving and transient fashion concepts influence and affect a large part of modern society. The enormous impact of globalization and technology ensures that the fashion market flourishes. Before the old order sets in, a new one awaits its entry. In such an upmarket scenario, the demand for Fashion Designers is immense. One of the chief objectives of HAMSTECH Institute of Fashion & Interior Design is to harness and train professionals in this high-end industry of Fashion Design.

A Fashion Designer conceptualizes and presents Fashion wear, keeping with the changing trends of the day. Beginning with the “in” fabrics, colors, color schemes, cuts / patterns and accessories, the Fashion Designer creates dress codes and offers fascinating ensembles

Contact Us:
Hamstech Institute of
Fashion & Interior Design
Opp. lane to Narayana College, Street # 10,
Hyderabad – 29
Phone Number : +91-40-27614482
E-mail : Info@hamstech.com
Website :www.hamstech.com

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