Wipro Sample Test 1. An electron moving in an electromagnetic field moves in a (a) In a straight path (b) Along the same plane in the direction of its propagation … Continue Reading →

L & T Infotech

L & T INFOTECH PAPER Hi! Guys I am Abdullah Khan, currently in third year IT from Pillais Institute of Information Tech (PIIT – New panvel). I was placed at … Continue Reading →


Section 1 – Verbal Ability No.of Questions : 20 Duration in Minutes: 20 Assessments by Merit Trac Directions for Questions 1-3 : Choose the option which will correctly fill the … Continue Reading →


1.Three friends divided some bullets equally. After all of them shot 4 bullets the total number of bullets remaining is equal to the bullets each had after division. Find the … Continue Reading →

Patni Computer System

1. A package without body is possible.(T/F)ans:T 2. Subprograms have equal scope as variables.(T/F) 3. Can a cursor be closed for two times(T/F)ans:F 4. Transaction function can be used in … Continue Reading →


TECH MAHINDRA PAPER ON 25th SEPTEMBER 2008 Candidates appeared for the aptitude:81 Candidates Cleared aptitude:17 Finally selected after Interviews:17 The 1st screening was done by keeping the eligibility criteria as … Continue Reading →


Yahoo Written test 3 Sections Duration: 90 min 1.What is the output of the following code? x=0;y=1; for( j=1;jlogfile Date; who>logfile What is the difference between the two statements. 10.How … Continue Reading →

Verizon Communications

VERIZON PAPER ON 22nd APRIL AT CHENNAI Test Pattern: Verbal – 20 questions (15 min.) Analytical – 25 questions (30 min.) Attention to detail – 20 questions (20 min.) C++ … Continue Reading →

Virtusa Corporation

VIRTUSA PAPER ON 28th JUNE AT HYDERABAD Total attempted students=864 Students cleared written test=81 Students cleared tech interview=65 Final selected students are=46 With god grace I was one of the … Continue Reading →

Wipro Technologies

WIPRO PAPER ON 12th JULY AT BANGALORE Hi guys….this was my second company & luckily because of god’s(sri krishna’s) grace i got placed in wipro on 12th July 2008 in … Continue Reading →

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